GXG ENERGY Specializes In Solar Power Generation & Centralized Energy Storage Solutions For Qualifying Residential Communities.




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The GXG Energy team understands the concerns of California residents as relates to Heat Waves, Wildfires, and Utility Power Disruptions.

Since 2018, the GXG Energy Corporation set off to develop a microgrid program that addresses these concerns, overcomes all hurdles, and delivers a high impact solution that accommodates the different priorities of California Homeowners; including, seamless power quality to the customer, contributing towards a safer de-congested utility grid, all the while minimizing the electricity system’s dependence on polluting gas peaker plants.

GXG Energy Microgrids

We combine cutting-edge hardware and software technologies throughout our power aggregation installations to
intelligently deliver clean power WHERE and WHEN its is needed.

Unparalleled Cost Savings

Optimizing your Solar energy output using Artificial Intelligence algorithms to maximize your cost savings, and minimize your overall electricity expenses. Monitor your generation data, consumption data and more in near real-time using your APP-based dashboards.

Round-the-Clock Power Security

Keep the electric flow during Blackouts. Our centralized Battery bank placed on community grounds supplies Subscribing households with all the energy required, and with no compromise. For prolonged outages, our Mobile Charging capacities replenish your community's Energy Storage Systems.

Superior Power Quality

Automated voltage stabilization protocols that protect your electronic devices and appliances at home from the Voltage Surges & Sags in the utility grid power supply.

Centralized Battery Energy Storage Systems

Centralized Energy Storage Systems(ESS) offer great value for money, and operate at high levels of efficiency by aggregating the full potential of a community’s Solar power generation capacity.

No Upfront Investment

We finance all the capital costs. No upfront investment. Pay as you go, i.e. pay as you generate & deposit your own Solar power.


We keep an eye for aesthetics; with unique slim-line bespoke rooftop PV Solar installations, plus, Energy Storage Systems that blend with the community surroundings.

Fully Customized

Everything we do is fully customized to match our Subscribers’ exacting needs. There’s nothing off the shelf here. Subscribers always get the very best and latest technologies.

We Do Everything.

The financing package, comprehensive design, permitting, installation of equipment including all necessary infrastructure connectivity, operation & maintenance, and finally claiming the tax rebates and tax credits from federal & state authorities.

Unrivaled 24/7 Subscriber Support

Due to the nature of our clustered projects, we are able to offer unrivaled 24/7 customer support including rapid dispatch teams in case of faults or emergencies.


This is a Community Choice program. There is no obligation for the residents to opt-in.