GXG ENERGY Specializes In Solar Power Generation & Centralized Energy Storage Solutions For Qualifying Residential Communities.




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GXG Power Aggregation
Solar Power & Energy Storage play an important role in the U.S. energy industry. Policymakers are incentivizing users to implement renewable energy systems & technologies in order to alleviate the stress on the electricity grid and the dependence on conventional fuels as the demand increases.

Solar-plus-Storage technologies, coupled with Artificial Intelligence software adaptations, provide community microgrid Subscribers with superior financial & environmental outcomes.

Case in point.


You are on a family vacation.


You are hosting a family barbeque.


Intelligent Community Energy

GXG Energy, through our Artificial Intelligence algorithms, optimizes the efficiencies of the equipment installed within the community. And further, runs a confidential Debits-and-Credits billing mechanism for each Subscriber depending on over-consumption or over-generation of Power for each household – within the permissible limits.

The GXG policy always gives priority to the Subscribers’ individual energy fulfillment first, followed by community self-sustainability at large through a closed-loop, zero grid feed system. The mechanism further guarantees optimal and unmatched financial savings to residential communities as a whole.

Anatomy of a GXG Energy Smart Microgrid
Rooftop Solar

With a Solar Agreement, which is a financial agreement whereby GXG ENERGY arranges for the design, permitting, financing, installation, and operation of a Solar-plus-Storage energy system on a Subscriber’s property – at NO upfront cost.


GXG ENERGY charges for the Solar energy deposited in the community’s centralized Energy Storage facilities at a fixed rate ($ per kilowatt-hour) that is competitive to the average market rate. Essentially, it is a pay-as-you-go scheme.


Solar Agreement tenures are 20 years as GXG remains responsible for the operation and maintenance of the warranted system for the duration of the agreement. At the end of the Solar Agreement term, the Subscriber has the choice to extend the Agreement, dispose the Solar system or acquire it.


Benefits of GXG Solar Agreements include; no upfront capital costs, reduced energy costs, limited risk exposure, better leverage of available tax credits, as well as tax exemptions on residential properties, to name a few.

Energy Storage

The centralized Energy Storage is shared within the community, aggregating the communal solar power generation output.


The system is managed by GXG at minimal flat fares to Subscribers.


The Storage Agreement tenures are 20 years as well, as GXG ENERGY remains responsible for the operation and maintenance of the warranted system for the duration of the agreement.


Aggregating the power generated by your residential community into a centralized & shared battery gets you closer and closer to self-sustainability, which delivers unparalleled cost savings on electricity expenses.
Peak shaving is the ability to minimize your grid electricity consumption during peak hours when the utility charges the highest rates, thereby curtailing your daily and hence monthly electricity expenses.
Voltage Protection and Frequency Regulation shields your electronic equipment & appliances at home from the voltage spikes of the grid power supply.